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Promotional Video for Companies

Video Kreativ helps companies move in this multimedia and dynamic world. The video production of a company interested in communicating important messages requires communication experts capable of reflecting the corporate mission and the values at that a company represents. The Video Kreativ team offers you this.

Thanks to the wise use of video shooting as a powerful and effective tool to reach a large audience, over the years we have produced a great variety of successful videos for marketing, promotional, and pure entertainment purposes customized according to our clients’ needs.

The companies that come to us want to make videos that differ in the types of shooting and post-production to create unique, incisive and memorable videos.

Institutional / Corporate Videos

The video that represents a company captures its philosophy, its history, its strengths. We help our customers to create their personal business cards for the masses and for commercial partners in the right format.

Each company should use a video, or a series of, to present its business to new customers, to retain already established ones, and to broadcast useful information, capable of attracting the attention and curiosity of potential other customers.

Corporate video forms can take the form of a guide for employees, a tutorial for acquiring competent techniques, or a form similar to the documentary, to deepen the corporate reality and make it more familiar.

Commercial spots

Advertising your products is a fundamental step in the success of a company. The commercial spot includes in a short movie all the reasons that push customers to choose one company over another.

Communication is immediate, short, precise. It helps to hit the target audience and leave an indelible mark on the spectator who is emotionally impressed.

Its effectiveness lies specifically in the emotional impact that we at VideoKreativ know how to infuse, thanks to a team accustomed to working in partnership with professionals with slogans and images capable of facilitating the memorization of the conveyed message.

The spot is suitable for individuals and companies who want to promote a commercial product through an engaging service that expresses personality.

Promotional videos

When a company launches a new product line or a new service, it is essential to reach out to consumers to efficiently explain the benefits they can get from that particular product or service.

The goal of a promotional video is to guide the viewer through a communicative message that illustrates your brand. The result will be an increase in the degree of interest in customers and potential buyers.

This form of video is longer than a commercial and allows it to be distributed on multiple promotional channels, such as social networks. They encourage the understanding of new offers and promote word of mouth.

More about us:

Define your brand

An essential step for any company is to get the brand to the public. Your products are presented in a perspective created specifically for your target consumers. Your product is included in videos that suggest that your company is a friend: your company knows the needs of its customers and will solve the fate of their lives, solving part of their problems. In this context, the goods are presented as a natural extension of the brand. The brand means trust.

Differentiate your services

Companies that sell intangible services conquer their audience through the production of films whose purpose is to show the functioning of the service that will help the customer to meet their needs. The choice to highlight functionality and benefits through single or multiple movies generates a sense of affiliation. Reaching a customer unaware of the services you offer allows them to become part of your world and be part of your reality, your extended family, or inner-circle.

Creative expressions

The advent of social media has brought the promotion of any product to a new level that allows original forms of creative expression. Social networks like Facebook have always had the opportunity to generate discussions. The YouTube platform allows you to offer a variety of information and entertainment in unique ways. Tik Tok has entered the digital world as an unexpected communicative success. All these social networks have in common the video-sharing of content that people want to share. They want to watch these videos because they entertain, and we at VideoKreativ know it. The new video marketing rules apply to videos that go viral, generate views, and therefore draw attention to the content we put in it.

Continuous communication

Many stories continue over time because it takes time to get used to new products and services. Our staff will offer ideas to promote your products continuously and professionally. An example can be social promotions: a type of audiovisual communication aimed at promoting items whose percentage is destined to non-profit associations for social projects. There are many ways in which our team will be able to discuss with you on the creation of the right series or movie for your needs and the needs of your business.

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